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'Devil Man Crybaby' From Masaaki Yuasa Coming To Netflix in 2018

Netflix seems to be really getting into anime in a major way. Not only by picking up the rights to numerous Japanese animated series and movies, but increasingly also by funding it themselves. The next Netflix Original anime to be announced is one based on the work of one of manga and anime's most influential (and infamous) figures.

Go Nagai first began drawing manga in the 1960s and created a number of iconic series such as Cutie Honey and Mazinger Z. The latest adaptation is to be based on his 1972 creation Devilman. Devilman is the alter-ego of Japanese teen Akira Fudo who becomes half-demon in order to fight other demonic foes. The manga has been adapted numerous times including the original 70s TV series, a 90s video series and even a poorly-received live-action movie in 2004. Now he will return in a new series entitled Devilman Crybaby

The show will be released in early 2018 to celebrate Nagai's 50th anniversary in the business and will be produced by Aniplex and Dynamic Planning (Nagai's company). Where it really gets interesting, however, is in the choice of director. Masaaki Yuasa, best known for The Tatami Galaxy , Ping Pong The Animation and Mind Game will be helming the project. This is unusually dark territory for Yuuasa, so it has us very intrigued indeed.

Netflix Japan has released a very brief announcement teaser that gives us the smallest hint of what direction the series may take- check it out below. Short as it is, it's very atmospheric and features some eye-popping imagery. This is definitely one project worth keeping an eye out for,

Devilman Crybaby will be released in 190 territories in Spring 2018.