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Nick Park's 'Early Man' Teaser Trailer Rocks

A new film from Aardman is always something to be treasured.  But Early Man isn't just any old Aardman film. It also happens to see the return of Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park to feature animation, making his first movie since 2005's Curse Of The Wererabbit.

The film takes place "at the dawn of time" and sees caveman Dug ( voiced by Eddie Redmayne) unite his tribe to defeat a dastardly villain named Lord Nooth (voiced by Tom Hiddleston).

It's not out until 2018, but Aardman has this week given us our first proper look at the film in motion, with the release of the first teaser. It introduces us to Dug, his pet pig Hognob and the members of his tribe. It also introduces us to the prehistoric world that the film will take place in, and some of the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit it.

Short as it is, this is veritably oozing that old Aardman charm, and has a brilliant central joke that is classic Nick Park material. After the slickness of LAIKA's films, this really has a wonderfully hand-made "plasticiney" feel to it. While we only get to hear a tiny bit of dialogue, it seems like Redmayne is going to put in an excellent performance too, that sound perfectly suited to the film. We have our suspicions that Hognob may be the breakout star here, following in the footsteps of Gromit and Shaun The Sheep, as the next great silent Aardman star.

Check out the trailer below!