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Full 'Wolfwalkers' Concept Trailer Released

Last week we got our first look at Tomm Moore's upcoming third film Wolfwalkers, via the Cartoon Movie Event in Bordeaux. Now, the full concept trailer for the film has been released online. This full-length version contains the footage we saw in the previously released video- but also a whole lot more.

Cartoon Saloon's film takes place in a semi-mythical version of Ireland at around the time of the English Civil War (circa the mid-to-late 1500s). A young English wolf-hunter's daughter (Robyn) comes to Ireland with her father, and forms an unexpected friendship with a local girl, Mebh. Through this friendship "she is transformed", says the trailer "into the very thing her father is tasked to destroy",

Moore's film will explore Irish mythology and folklore surrounding wolves, and their connection with the local population. The extended version of the trailer gives us our first look at the friendship between the two girls, which looks set to be at the very heart of this particular story.

It also gives us a much better look at some other key elements of the film- the world of the wolves themselves, and the threat posed by the hunters sent from overseas. Despite the fact that at this early stage this isn't finished animation, it is already clear that this will feature some spectacular imagery and gorgeous visuals.

Wolfwalkers will be directed by Tomm Moore alongside Ross Stewart. The script will be written by Will Collins- who also wrote the screenplay for Moore's previous film, Song Of The Sea. It's expected to enter full production next year (subject to funding).

Check out the full concept trailer, below.