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Disney/Pixar Update: 'Frozen 2' Dated, 'Cars 3' Trailer and More

Disney has recently made a major update to its upcoming release schedule stretching all the way to 2021. In amongst all the live-action adaptations and Star Wars and Marvel movies, there's still room for a decent number of animated movies too.

A number of films we've been aware of have got new release dates for the first time, while others have had their's pushed back. The biggest news here is that Frozen 2 has been given a release date of November 2019. Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck it Ralph 2 meanwhile has been pushed back from March 2018 to November of the same year.  The biggest change of all, however, is Disney's upcoming Jack and The Beanstalk inspired Gigantic, which has been pushed back two years to November 2020.  This suggests that the film is likely being radically overhauled- which is a not uncommon occurrence at the studio. Zootopia is a recent example of a film which was extensively retooled partway through production.  Jon Favreau's reimagined (not 'live action')  The Lion King also has a release date set for summer 2019.

On the Pixar side of things, The Incredibles 2 is dated for June 2018 and Toy Story 4 will arrive June 2019.

Beyond that, there are three currently untitled Pixar films (two in 2020, one in 2021) and one untitled Walt Disney Animation Studios Film (in 2021). Currently, we have no idea what any of these films could be, but it has been previously disclosed that a number of original films are in development at Pixar. Beyond Toy Story 4 there doesn't appear to be any other sequels planned, but of course, this could change. Similarly, the Disney film could be an original film or a sequel to a recent hit (perhaps Zootopia or Big Hero 6).

Check out the full schedule below.  Please be aware that all dates are for the US release and other territories will vary (and some of these may change again at some point in the future).

Via Adam B. Vary on Twitter]

The next animated feature from the extended Disney family to hit cinemas will be Pixar's Cars 3- which has just got another trailer.  Following a pair of teasers, this new preview gives us our closest look at the upcoming threequel yet.

It's easy to bash the Cars franchise, but based on this trailer this third instalment looks to be a radical improvement over the second movie. While it may not be enough to win over the haters, there's enough here to convince fans of the first film that this could be a return to form for the franchise.

Cars 3 screeches into cinemas in the US this June. Check it out below.