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A 'Miraculous' Day Out: The Zag Studios Fan Event

Zag Studios held an event this week and I got to attend on Wednesday in the late afternoon. This event was held mainly for Miraculous Ladybug but they also showcased their other future projects. Earlier that day, they showed their upcoming projects which the later session, unfortunately, didn’t get to see. However, everyone had a good time.

They were running a little late and as we waited, we were informed that kids from a local school were also going to attend the event. The host came out to pump us up for the event. Our friendly host was Ezra Weisz, the voice director for the English dub of Miraculous Ladybug, who also lent his voice to the show. We all gathered around to talk about our mutual love for the show and someone mentioned that they came from Arizona, a mother with her daughter, just for this event… Mom of the Year! There were also some cosplayers in their amazing hand-made outfits.

An hour later, we went inside the studio to take a look at all the beautiful Miraculous Ladybug merchandise, many of them not available in the U.S. Inside the studio, there were also storyboards and concept art for their future projects such as; Zak Storm, Pixie Girl, Ghostforce, Power Players, and many more. All the Miraculous Ladybug merchandise were out on display and unfortunately, we could not buy any of it. The merchandising team seem to know their audience. It had tons of cool things such as apparel for kids and adults, birthday party supplies, bedding, and much more. However, not all of it will be available for all countries. After we took a look at the merchandise, we went back outside to get autographs from the creator himself and the writing team. Fans who attended also got a little gift of a plush Ladybug keychain.

During the autograph signing, my siblings and I were one of the last people in line and we got a chance to talk to everyone. They were all so kind and funny. I even asked Thomas Astruc how he got the name “Pollen” for the bee miraculous. He said that no names were clicking until someone from work suggested Pollen and it just hit him that that was the perfect name for the bee miraculous. My brother told Thomas how much he loved the show and our whole family is so obsessed over it that we even watched it in European Spanish. Thomas was flattered by that and he told us that season was barely scratching the surface so we should prepare for what’s to come in season 2!

Overall it was a fun event because we got to meet the team, meet new people, and look at all the merchandise we may or may not buy. I hope they make another event for the fans another time.