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'In This Corner Of The World' Comes to US Cinemas This August

Sunao Katabuchi's In This Corner Of The World will finally receive its US premiere at this year's LA Film Festival. We've been awaiting news of when the wider US public would get their chance to see the film, however. We need wait no more, as US distributor Shout Factory has confirmed an August theatrical run for the movie.

Shrewdly enough, Shout Factory is partnering with Japanese animation specialists Funimation's theatrical arm Funimation Films on the release. Funimation's recent success at bringing anime to cinemas with the US release of Your Name should help them make sure the film gets the best possible treatment.

The film will be released in major US markets from August 11. The majority of the screenings are expected to be subtitled, but cinemas will also have the option of an English dub.

Katabuchi's film is an adaption of the manga by Fumiyo Kono and follows the everyday experiences of a young woman in war-torn Japan. The film's international rights were picked up by UK-based Animatsu Entertainment, who will release the film in British cinemas on June 28,

The film is also set to screen as part of this year's Annecy Festival next month.