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Kickstart This: The Cartoonist

One of the consequences of the misconception of animation being a children's medium, is that there are certain genres that are rarely touched- at least in the west. One of these is the thriller. Animator and director Pat Keegan is looking to change this with his short film The Cartoonist.

"This medium can be used for so much more, and I feel like we're wasting it", Keegan says in the pitch video. He has around 10 years experience in the industry, working on series and films such as American Dad, Anomalisa, and Bordertown. Feeling that the types of stories he wanted to see were not being told in animation, he decided to do it himself. And now he's launched a Kickstarter to make it happen.

The Cartoonist features a political cartoonist who seeks revenge on the terrorists who murdered his family. The proof of concept trailer is extremely atmospheric and dark, suggesting this could be something special. The film will feature 2D animated characters and 3D environments.

Considering the nature of this website, of course we fully support projects like this. Anything that pushes the medium forward is OK by us!  As the campaign page says: "This film is unlike anything we have seen done in the medium, at least in Western animation.  It is dark.  It is a thriller.  It is truly animation for adults."

Rewards start at $5 for a digital wallpaper or $20 for a digital download, ranging up to  $10,000 to become an executive producer. Other rewards include original artwork, digital artbooks and more.

The campaign seeks $75,000 and will run until June 14, 2017. Head over to the campaign page for more information or to pledge your support today. And for all you animators out there, Pat is also looking for 2D animators, matte painters and background artists- you can find out more via the link.