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'Regular Show' Creator J.G. Quintel Brings 'Close Enough' To TBS

J.G. Quintel's hit series Regular Show came to an end on Cartoon Network earlier this year. It seems he's wasted no time in getting to work on his next creation- this time for TBS. Quintel's new series Close Enough will centre on a married couple dealing with issues of young adult life such as parenthood, relationships and choosing the right day care.

The series is being produced by Cartoon Network Studios and Studio T. The initial order is for 13 episodes, which are expected to start airing next year. This is part of the network's attempts for a major push into adult animation, joining American Dad and upcoming series The Cops, Tarantula and Final Space.

Regular Show had a considerable adult following, so it's a natural development to see Quintel transition to a series aimed at them specifically. While the set-up sounds more like a conventional sitcom on paper, they promise a surreal take that will involve such things as "ham theft" and "stripper clowns". Perhaps it will be not quite so far away from the world of Mordecai and Rigby after all.

We're excited for a new project from him and TBS' executive vice president of original programming Brett Weitz agrees, stating "We couldn’t be more excited to add one of animation’s most impressive and popular voices, J.G. Quintel, to our growing slate of animated series,"

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