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'Resident Evil: Vendetta' CG Movie Gets New Japanese Trailer

The Resident Evil franchise (known as Biohazard in Japan) is one of the biggest videogame franchises of all time. The Hollywood movie series based on it has also been successful- even if it bears very little resemblance to the games that spawned it. If you're after a more faithful adaptation of the series, however, there's always the CG animated movies. The latest of these, Resident Evil: Vendetta is due to hit Japan on May 27.

Vendetta is the third animated Resident Evil movie, following Degeneration and Damnation (released in 2008 and 2012 respectively). It will feature an original story created for the movie, and not be adapted from any specific game. It will, however, feature a number of popular characters from the series, including Leon Kennedy,  Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers.

The film is directed by Takanori Tsujimoto and written be Psycho Pass' s  Makoto Fukami. The music comes from Ghost In The Shell's legendary Kenji Kawai.

The film will be released in Japanese cinemas on May 27. It will also screen for one night only in The US and Canada on June 19 and in the UK On June 14.

If you've seen the earlier movies, or the spin-offs of Tekken or Final Fantasy, you'll know what to expect: essentially a feature-length version of one of the game's cut-scenes. At the same time, it's rare chance to see a CG movie that is both an action/horror movie and aimed at an older audience (this will be rated R/15). And that's something that should only be encouraged!

Check out the new Japanese trailer, below.