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'MUTAFUKAZ' International Trailer Released

We first reported on Japanese/French co-production MUTAFUKAZ back in 2015. Just under two years later, the finished film has received its international this year's Annecy International Festival and we have a brand new trailer.

The film is a co-production between Japan's Studio 4°C (Mind Game, Tekkon Kinkreet) and French studio Ankama (WAKFU), based on the comic series by Guillaume "Run" Renard. It follows Angelino, a deadbeat leaving in the fictional Californian town Dark Meat City.

The trailer is a heady mix of western and eastern influences, with anime elements combined with French comic-style art and graffiti and street art. As that cheeky (and none-too subtle) title implies, it's also firmly adult-skewing with sex and violence and plenty of swearing. It probably goes without saying it's pretty NSFW stuff.

The film is set for release in France next year. International release plans are not yet known. You can check out the trailer below.