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ComicCon 2017: [Part Two] 'Close Enough' 'Big Hero 6: The Series' and more

As San Diego Comic Con 2017 rolled on the animation news kept on coming. So here's the second part of our round-up of the biggest stories that came out of this year's event. Part one can be found here. And there's more to come!

TBS showed off clips from their new adult animation line-up that will be joining American Dad from the 2017- 2018 season. These are Tarantula, Final Space and Close Enough. The latter of these is the new series from Regular Show creator J G Quintel, and will be his first foray into animation aimed at an adult audience- and it's looking pretty awesome!  The preview of Sci-fi comedy Final Space meanwhile, doesn't actually feature any actual finished animation, but gives us a good idea of the overall tone of the series and shows off the all-star cast.

At the panel for Bob's Burgers, it was revealed the show will have an hour-long Christmas special this year... and it will be a musical. It was also revealed that there will be an entirely fan-drawn episode in the new season. [source]

Having recently revealed the opening titles, Disney XD showed off a clip from the upcoming Big Hero 6: The Series. The extract shows us Hiro and Baymax in action.

The Lego Ninjago Movie (due this September) also got a brand new epic trailer, that focusses on the relationship between hero Lloyd and his super-villain Dad, Garmadon.