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Masaaki Yuasa's ' The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl' Comes to UK Cinemas This September

Masaaki Yuasa has been one busy guy lately. Not only will he release TWO animated features during 2017, but he's also been working on the upcoming Devilman Crybaby series for Netflix. The first of the two feature films  The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl will come to cinemas in the UK from October 4, courtesy of Anime Limited and National Amusements.

Fans of Yuasa will be excited about this because it has a connection to his cult TV series The Tatami Galaxy. The film is adapted from a novel by the same author- Tomihiko Morimi. As well as Yuasa himself, screenwriter Makoto Ueda and character designer YĆ«suke Nakamura are among the creative staff returning from the earlier series. Although the movie is a completely new story, it's apparently peppered with references for fans of the Tatami Galaxy to spot.

The film centres on "The Girl With The Black Hair" as she travels through a surreal version of Kyoto. From the distributor's  official synopsis:

Gracefully yet violently, The Girl with Black Hair (Kana Hanazawa) swirls through the abstract Kyoto night a joyful tempest. Blowing through pub crawls, festivals and book fairs, her youthful glee infects parties of increasingly eccentric characters, but amongst the debtors, existentialists and the God of the Old Book Market, can she be convinced “coincidental” encounters are fate and will she notice the Senpai (Gen Hoshino) in pursuit of her love?
Whether the hands on your clock move fast or slow, The Night is Short, Walk On Girl.

In Yuasa's work, it's not the pitch but the animation itself that makes it unique. And his latest feature (his first since 2004's Mind Game, if you don't count his contribution to anthology Genius Party) looks set to be no different.

More release information will be announced in due course. Yuasa's other 2017 feature, the Annecy Award winner Lu Over The Wall will be released in UK Cinemas on December 6.