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Web Animation Watch: 'Natural Disaster', Lego Batman and more

The internet opened up new possibilities for animators. It has never been easier for animators to get their stuff out there for a potentially huge audience to see. The only problem is.. with such a huge amount of material out there, how are you supposed to know what's worth your precious time? That's where our regular Web Animation Watch comes in. We trawl the internet to bring you the best stuff out there, old and new.

Have you got something that you think we'd like to feature in a future edition? Drop us a line today!

Natural Disaster is a short from British director Joseph Wallace that has screened at numerous festivals around the world, and is now available online. It uses a fragmented cut-out style employing photos, giving it a bit of a Terry Gillingham look, but thematically this is a world away. The short takes a tragi-comic look at adult issues like loss and infidelity that are rarely tackled head-on in animation. A fascinating piece of work. It's Not Safe For Work due to adult language and nudity, so we've linked to it rather than embedded it, below.

Are you excited for the upcoming return of Game Of Thrones? Stodoe Studios prepare for the big return with this short but sweet parody The Walkers Are Coming. You can find lots of other awesome pop-culture parodies and more from Stodoe on their YouTube Channel.

How It Should Have Ended is a series that can always be relied upon for a laugh. Arguably though, it's at its best when riffing on Comic Book Movies and Superheroes. Its take on Batman and Superman are a particular highlight. So.. when it came to take on The Lego Batman Movie, the results were always going to be great. Add in the fact that the episode breaks with the normal animation style and is made in stop-motion using Lego, and this has to be one of the best episodes of HISHE so far!

If you've been following the work of Weebl for a long time, you probably know about Weebl and Bob, the first series that made his name. Their simplistic animation style and very distinctive way of talking won them a cult following when they debuted back in 2002(!). Now, they're back with a new episode and while it employs some more sophisticated animation techniques (and features a live-action coda) not much has changed. The wobbling duo are back to tackle the big question- is a dead clown in a tree sad or funny?