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Netflix Reveals Major Anime Slate For 2017-18

Netflix has staked its claim to being a truly global brand by investing heavily in programming from outside the United States. And one of the most visible examples of this is in their recent push in anime. Not only have they been acquiring exclusive streaming rights to ever more Japanese animated series and films, but they have even begun commissioning anime themselves.

This strategy seems to be paying off, as Netflix recently held a dedicated conference in Tokyo to reveal their forthcoming " Netflix Original" anime slate. As before it will consist of a mix of acquired content and true originals. Some of the projects were already announced, others were brand new.

The company also revealed some enlightening statistics. An impressive 50% of Japanese Netflix users watch anime- however, 90% of Netflix anime watching actually happens outside Japan. It seems an awful lot of people are watching anime on Netflix- so no wonder they're investing so heavily in it.

So what titles have we got to look forward to?


The latest series in the popular Fate Series from Type Moon,  Apocrypha follows the outbreak of The Great Holy Grail War.  Arriving in the US and Canada November 7th and everywhere else on December 2nd.


Anime has a knack for making hit series based on the most unlikely of subjects. One of the latest is this series (based on a popular manga) which revolves around a school where the students compete to become the greatest gambler. Arriving on Netflix in 2018.

A.I.C.O. -Incarnation

This true Netflix Original anime (ie it's been commissioned by the streaming company and not aired in Japan first) comes from acclaimed studio BONES (Fullmetal Alchemist, My Hero Academia). Described as a "Bio Sci-Fi Action Series", it will come exclusively to Netflix Spring 2018.

Devil Man Crybaby

Acclaimed director Masaaki Yuasa directs this fresh take on the iconic Go Nagai character, made to celebrate Nagai's 50th anniversary in the industry. Due 2018.

Cannon Busters

"Global anime" created by LeSean Thomas, following the success of the crowd-funded pilot, and produced by Netflix, anime studio Satelight, and Manga Entertainment UK. The creative team also includes Natasha Allegri (creator of Bee and PuppyCat). No release date as yet.

B: The Beginning

Created by the legendary Production I.G. this serial-killer thriller was formerly known as Perfect Bones. Directed by Kazuto Nakazawa (Genius Party, Samurai Champloo). Due Spring 2018.

Sword Gai: The Animation

"Battle action fantasy" starring a young man named Gai who is "destined to become a weapon". Due Spring 2018.

Lost Song

Fantasy series following two girls with "a power no other person has" set in a fantasy kingdom where the shadow of war is looming. Coming to Netflix globally in 2018.

Rilakkuma Series (Working Title)

Something a little different here- this is a stop-motion series based on a popular merchandise character in the vein of Hello Kitty. Produced by Dwarf Studio.

Knights Of The Zodiac: Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya is a hugely popular franchise, that never really caught on in the US. Netflix and Toei hope that might change with this new 12 episode, CG take on the series.


A new 26-episode anime adaptation of the popular manga series Baki The Grappler.

Children Of The Whales

In a world covered by Oceans of sand, we meet the inhabitants of The Mud Whale, an "island-like ship adrift in the sand".  When an abandoned ship drifts up to the Whale one day, has their isolation come to an end?  Produced by JC Staff, the series will debut everywhere except Japan in 2018.


Animated movie based on Japan's most iconic Kaiju, from Polygon Pictures (Knights of Sidonia). It takes place in a future world where Godzilla has dominated earth for 20,000 years, and will arrive on Netflix in 2018.