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Samurai Jack comes to theaters

With the resounding success of its 5th season on Adult's Swim's Toonami block, Samurai Jack's conclusion has cemented the entire series as a long standing classic in the eyes of many. A classic, in that it dared to be more than just a simple action series. It was violent, but had an endearing protagonist who only fought when he needed to. Episodic in places, but still retaining the feeling that each new story was heading toward a greater purpose. But almost always, the series provided unique visuals that were rare to see in your everyday animated cartoon.

Now at long last, fans of the stoic samurai will have the opportunity to see the beginning of his journey on the big screen.

Fathom Events has announced they will be screening a remastered version of Samurai Jack's Premiere Movie for an exclusive one night event. The event will also include a message from the director himself, Genndy Tartakovsky, sharing the show's origins and his personal thoughts on the project.

Despite the premiere movie's age, having come out back in 2001, it is just enough of a cinematic experience to warrant a film screening. A premiere full of action, comedy, and great visuals that has kept fans loyal for well over a decade.

The screening will take place on October 16th, 2017. Tickets will be going on sale on September 15, 2017.