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Fantoche International Film Festival is poised to begin with "Loving Vincent"

Fantoche is one of the world's leading festivals for animated films and is Switzerland’s largest and most prestigious cultural event devoted exclusively to animation in all its many thematic and technical facets. What once started life 21 years ago as a small yet promising project is now a crowd-puller and a meeting place for industry professionals from Switzerland and the rest of the world. The event also sees school classes, families and youths converging upon Baden’s cinemas every September. With over 300 feature films & short films set to premiere, the Fantoche International Film Festival is kicking off its 15th year with a bang. 

One particular film, Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman's "Loving Vincent" will be the opening premiere of the festival.

Plot synopsis: 

France in summer 1891. Armand is given a letter by his father, postman Joseph Roulin, and told to hand-deliver it in Paris. The letter is addressed to Theo van Gogh, the brother of his father’s friend Vincent. Armand is none too pleased with the mission, for he is embarrassed by his father’s associations with Vincent – a foreign painter who cut off his ear and was committed to the local asylum. Nevertheless, he resigns himself to father’s wish and embarks on his journey. Although his search for Theo fails, Armand’s curiosity and admiration for the artist increases from day to day.

Just coming off its award win at the Annecy International Film Festival, this hand-painted animated feature film is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The film will also have a special feature called "Making of-", depicting the film's development process.

Other films scheduled for screenings, and "Making of" panels at Fantoche 2017 are:

-"Zombillenium" by Arthur de Pins as his first feature length animated film.

Plot synopsis: 

Who would have dreamed that the Zombillenium theme park actually hires zombies? In Hector's quest to uncover the truth, he is condemned to join the park’s staff. He makes a desperate attempt to escape his co-workers so that he can see his daughter again. Packed with unconventional heroes, this humorous, ripping tale is a treat for the whole family.

- "Have a Nice Day" by Liu Jian

Plot synopsis:

Everybody has a dream deep in their hearts. But where do we find the money to make these dreams a reality? The star of this black gangster comedy from China is a bag of money. As it changes hands between people from different walks of life during its bloody journey, the bag reveals desires, aspirations and deepest, darkest fears.

Fantoche 2017 schedule is jam packed with film screenings (including films previously covered on this site: Ethel & Ernest, In this Corner of the World) for all ages, competitions for films all across the globe, technology exhibitions, and industry talks with professional animators. This year, in particular, featuring a Masterclass with the director of the "Red Turtle," Michael Dudock de Wit.

The Festival will be taking place September 5-10th. At this time, Tickets are still available for purchase.

Fantoche Festival Trailer 2017 from Fantoche on Vimeo.

Personal thanks to Adrian Haut for reaching out to us about this event.