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Scotland Loves Anime 2017 Festival Line-Up Revealed

For 8 years now Scotland Loves Anime has been the UK's premiere film festival dedicated to Japanese animation. Run by Scotland Loves Animation, a charity dedicated to promoting animation as art, and directed by UK industry veteran Andrew Partridge, it attracts fans from all over the country. Starting in Edinburgh and Glasgow, it has since expanded to feature screenings in Dundee, Aberdeen, and Dumfries.

The line-up has now been revealed for both the Edinburgh and Glasgow legs of the festival. As ever, it will feature a mix of new and classic films, and will give fans another chance to catch several of the biggest recent anime releases on the big screen.

This year's highlights include screenings of both of Masaaki Yuasa's 2017 films Lu Over The Wall and Night Is Short, Walk On Girl, plus premieres of the live-action Tokyo Ghoul adaptation and Fireworks.

Classic screenings include Tokyo Godfathers, Venus Wars and Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis and recent hits include a chance to see Your Name and A Silent Voice (which will feature the world premiere of the new English dub).

Further screenings and guests will be announced at a later date. Tickets are available via the festival website.

GLASGOW: 13-15 October

• Tokyo Ghoul (Live-action), Friday, October 13,  20:10
• Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Friday, October 13,  23:00
• Lu Over The Wall, Saturday, October 14,  14:45
• Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution Movie 1 (+ Director Q&A), Saturday, October 14, 17:45
• Kizumonogatari - Part III, Saturday, October 14, 20:30
• The Dragon Dentist, Sunday, October 15,  14:15
•  Fireworks, Sunday, October 15, 16:50
•  Venus Wars, Sunday, October 15,  19;15

EDINBURGH: 16-22 October

• Your Name, Monday, October 16, 18:15
• A Silent Voice, Tuesday, October 17,  18:00
• Resident Evil: Degeneration, Wednesday, October 18, 20:45
• Resident Evil: Vendetta, Thursday, October 19, 20:30
• Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution Movie 1, Friday, October 20, 15:45
• Tokyo Godfathers (Guest Q&A) Friday, October 20, 18:15
• Night Is Short, Walk On Girl, Friday, October 20, 20:45
•  Venus Wars, Saturday, October 21,  13:00
•  Fireworks, Saturday, October 21, 15:30
• Lu Over The Wall, Saturday, October 21,  18:00
• Tokyo Ghoul (Live-action), Saturday, October 21,  20:30
• Kizumonogatari - Part III, Sunday, October 21, 13:15
•  MIND GAME,  Sunday, October 22,  15:30
•  Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis, October 22,  20:45