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Web AAAARGH-nimation Watch [Halloween Special]

Welcome back to another edition of Web Animation Watch. This time, things have got a little bit spooky, kooky and generally ooky as we're here with another Halloween special! As always, we've collected the best in online animation new and old.. this time though with a Halloween theme! Don't have nightmares...

Have you produced something that you think we could feature in a future iteration? Or just found something you think we should take a look at? Drop us a line today!

Missing Halloween

This black and white short from animator Mike Inel is a  highly effective combination of cute and creepy. Its visual style lulls you into a false sense of security only to deliver a highly disturbing last act twist. Great stuff!

Simon's Cat: Spider Cat

When the most adorable animated series online does a Halloween episode, it was always going to be more on the cute side rather than scary. Having said that, if you (like Simon) a not fan of spiders, this could send a chill down your spine. This new Halloween episode is accompanied by a pair of classic episodes from past spooky seasons.

A Stranger Things Parody

Everyone is going crazy for Stranger Things 2! In this parody from AOK (the site born out of the ashes of Fox's aborted Animation Domination Hi-Def Block) the kids face their biggest threat yet... puberty!

The Endermans

Xeth Feinberg (director of the series Queer Duck) is back with the Endermans, a micro-sitcom (each episode runs around a minute or less) which explores family life in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Think The Simpsons meets Mad Max, and you'll not be too far off!