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AFA is 4!

December 17th, 2013 was the day that Animation For Adults posted our first review. It was accompanied by a news post, unsurprisingly enough on a Hayao Miyazaki film (The Wind Rises). It was a humble beginning. It was a one-man operation back then, and just a Blogspot blog. The first few reviews and articles were actually written for a now-defunct film site called Screen Highway, to which I contributed an animation section called Animation Avenue. AFA was born partially out of the desire to find a new home for these pieces, and a reason to keep writing about animation. It was also born out of my dissatisfaction with the coverage animation got on mainstream film and entertainment sites and with some of the existing animation sites. Lastly (without giving away too much) it was also started at a time in my personal life where I really needed the distraction!

Over time, the site managed to connect with an audience of like-minded folk from all over the world and has grown into something so much more. We have built up an amazing team of writers, all of whom bring something special to the site. We've had fantastic support from people in the industry, indie filmmakers and fans alike.

So I want to take the opportunity to thank you all. Everybody who has ever read the site, listened to the podcast, shared the site online or supported us, thank you so much. And to our team, without whom AFA wouldn't be half the site it has become.

This year has been AFA's most exciting yet, but we're gearing up for even bigger things in 2018. Four years in, but believe me, we're only just getting started!