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Bonkers New Trailer Arrives For 'Batman Ninja'

Officially announced at New York ComicCon, Batman Ninja is a Japanese animated movie starring Batman. It features Batman (and several other key characters from Gotham) being mystically transported back to feudal Japan. It's due to be released in Japanese cinemas in 2018 via Warner Bros Japan.

The first trailer (which is now available with English subtitles) is as exactly as barmy as the set-up would make you think. The Dark Knight is transported back in time by an "unexpected chemical reaction". He's not alone however, and it seems his old arch enemy Joker is there too (alongside Harley Quinn and Catwoman) and he seems hell-bent on rewriting history. It's full of audacious action and some really great looking interpretations of DC characters reimagined for the feudal setting. And for some reason.. a gorilla (could it be Gorilla Grodd?). If you've ever wanted to see Batman at a tea ceremony or wielding a samurai sword, now's your chance! Someone who is deeply knowledgeable about DC Lore could no doubt go through this and pick out all the references, but alas that's not me. So all I can say is.. it looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

It was previously announced that it was a CG project, so it's not a shock to see this given the cel-shaded look. It's an interesting choice though when you consider that DC/WB has had considerable success making 2D animated movies based on their characters.

Batman Ninja is directed by Jumpei Mizusaki, and features a screenplay from Kazuki Nakashima. It's not been confirmed if the film will screen in cinemas outside Japan, but a US release in some form is also expected during 2018. We'll keep you posted!