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UK Animation Studio Factory Opens 'Factory Creative Engine'

Factory, the BAFTA-winning UK-based animation studio behind The Clangers reboot and Scream Street, are going from strength to strength. This week they have launched a new state-of-the-art facility Factory Creative Engine.

Factory "has converted its RED Studio to become a centralised creation hub for creatures, critters and inspirational new worlds. This new facility will support all Factory’s current slate of productions and provide state of the art character creation services to its clients."

The new studio brings all the services the company provides under one roof, including set-building, model-making, creature creation and more. It will fuse traditional methods with modern technology such as 3D Printing and CGI to bridge the best of both worlds.

The new studio will allow Factory to advance towards their goal or creating more of their own IP and keep everything in-house. What's more, it's great news for the UK animation industry and will create 40 new jobs in the Manchester area.

The facility was opened on December 7, by Keith Chapman, creator of Bob The Builder and Paw Patrol. 

"I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to be at the helm of Factory Creative Engine, which is a real leap forward for the studio; being so heavily involved in the design and build process, guiding the technical requirements and level of staffing required has been wonderful" said Jon Kershaw, manager of Creative Engine. "It’s rare to get this level of input into the creation of a new studio, and it is so satisfying to watch it all come together after so many months of hard work. I look forward to moving ahead with Factory Creative Engine, getting stuck into creating characters and worlds for the shows, and playing an active role in furthering Factory’s business plan."

"We’re thrilled to be making such great headway with our ongoing ambition to create more of our own IP, which with Creative Engine, we can now offer a greatly enhanced, end to end creative service." added Phil Chalk, Factory's MD. "The technology we use is at the very forefront, and combined with the traditional artisan production techniques, we have all bases covered for any show we work on, allowing us full creative freedom."