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Watch This Year's THR Animation Roundtable

Every year at around this time,  the respected industry magazine The Hollywood Reporter gathers together the top Awards contenders in various categories to have a Roundtable discussion.

The roundtable features the directors (and one producer) of some of this year's biggest animated films. This year's panel features The Breadwinner's Nora Twomey, Coco's Lee Unkrich, Lego Batman's Chris McKay, Despicable Me 3's Kyle Balda, The Boss Baby's Tom McGrath and Lori Forte producer on Ferdinand. 

Last year, rival publication Variety earned some criticism for featuring a discussion on the importance of diversity on a roundtable that featured only white men. THR seems to have learned from this and has at least invited a panel that is a bit more mixed- in terms of gender balance at least.

As with every year, this is a fascinating watch that gives us an insight into the creative process behind the films involved. Topics covered include the casting process, creating films that will appeal to all audiences and what it's like being a woman in the animation industry. Watch out too for Lee Unkrich's take on the relationship between his film and The Book Of Life.

Watch the hour-long video below , or read the written version of the roundtable in the December 18 issue of The Hollywood Reporter or online here.