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Cesar Awards Nominates 'Big Bad Fox', 'Sahara' and 'Zombillenium'.

You'd be forgiven for feeling a sense of awards fatigue, as the nominations and winners just keep on coming. However, France's Cesar Awards are usually worth keeping an eye on in terms of animation, as they don't just nominate the same films as everyone else.

Last year, the Cesars gave My Life As A Courgette three nominations- not only awarding it best animated feature, but also best score and adapted screenplay.

Naturally, the awards tend to have a bias towards French made (or co-produced) animation, which separates them from the Hollywood bias of most US-based awards organisations.  This year the nominees for the animated feature category are The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales, Sahara and Zombillenium.

The Big Bad Fox from Patrick Imbert and Benjamin Renner has already screened to some acclaim in English speaking countries at festivals, and will be getting US and UK cinema releases this year.  Sahara is a French/Canadian CG film from director Pierre Coré about a pair of snakes living in the desert, which is already available on Netflix. Zombillenium, a horror comedy from Arthur de Pins and Alexis Ducord screened at last year's Animation Is Film Festival in Hollywood.

In the animated shorts category, the nominees are The Bald Future, I Want Pluto To Be A Planet Again,  The Midnight Garden and Grandpa Walrus.  Check out trailers for all the nominated shorts, below.

I Want Pluto To Be A Planet Again - Trailer from Vladimir MK on Vimeo.

Pépé le morse - Teaser from Lucrece Andreae on Vimeo.

LE FUTUR SERA CHAUVE / THE BALD FUTURE trailer from Paul Cabon on Vimeo.

The 42nd Annual Cesar Awards will be announced on March 2 at the Salle Pleyel Concert Hall in Paris.