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'Final Space' Gets A Full Trailer, February Release Date

American Network TBS is really beefing up their adult animation output. Last year they unveiled a slate of new animated series including Close Enough from Regular Show creator JG Quintel.We also got a sneak peek at sci-fi comedy Final Space. While it looked promising, it was distinctly lacking in final animation.

Now we can get our first proper look at the series as TBS have released a full trailer. It looks like it will live up to that initial promise, as this is looking like it's going to be pretty great.

Starting life as a pilot from Olan Rogers, it follows an astronaut by the name of Gary Space and his alien sidekick Mooncake- who despite its cute blobby appearance is apparently a "planet destroyer". Both central roles are played by Rogers, who is joined by an all-star voice cast including Tom Kenny, Gina Torres, Fred Armisen, Steven Yeun and David Tennant. The showrunner is David Sacks (a producer on The Simpsons and 3rd Rock From The Sun).

Reportedly, the pilot so impressed Conan O'Brien that he invited Rogers to pitch the series to TBS, joining the project as executive producer, and bringing on Sacks. It was also pitched to Fox, Comedy Central, FX, YouTube and Fullscreen, resulting in a bidding war, that TBS ultimately won.

Fans of sci-fi comedy should be in for a treat, as this looks to be in the same vein as the likes of Futurama, Rick and Morty and Red Dwarf, but at the same time having a voice of its own. The series will premier on TBS on February 26.

TBS have also confirmed that the series The Cops, co-created by and starring Louis CK has been cancelled following the comedian's admission of sexual misconduct last year.