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Games we can't wait to play in 2018

There can be little room for doubt, 2017 was a huge year for video games. The year was jam-packed with releases of long-awaited games, remastered classics, and the premiere of Nintendo's latest console that has left the gaming community positively buzzing with satisfaction. Though there were plenty bumps in the road along the way (rushed development of beloved titles, and poor business decisions) 2017 has paved the road for the 2018 gaming line up.

And oh what a line up it is.

From independent games to highly anticipated triple-A titles, we at AFA Gaming are very excited to see what 2018 has in store for the gaming community at large. With games that are not only fun to play but have an impeccable presentation to boot.

Here is our list of 10 games expected to release in 2018 that we cannot wait to play!

Five games that have confirmed release dates for 2018.

ICONOCLASTS (PS4, Steam) – January 23rd, 2018

There is nothing we at AFA Gaming love more than getting to see independently developed projects, with a hardworking and passionate team, release their games to the public. Especially if that process has been a long time coming. Iconoclasts developed by Joakim Sandberg has been approximately 7 years in the making. Though inspired by classic platforming games such as Metroid, Sandberg states the primary reason for Iconoclasts existence is that he just really wanted to make a video game. His persistence leading him on the long journey to bring his idea to life, learning many aspects of game design on his own. From the promotional material, not only will the game offer lots of action and wonderful pixel art but also, from Sandberg's words, a game that is very character driven and will offer a deeper story. A story focused around a plucky mechanic named Robin who dreams of becoming a mechanic and using her skills to save the people around her. It's not hard to imagine, with Iconoclasts intriguing premise and dedicated developer, that AFA Gaming is eager to see Iconoclasts being one of the indie greats!

DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ (PS4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Steam) – January 26, 2018

The moment the first trailer was released for the latest Dragon Ball Z video game franchise, our jaws collectively hit the floor. Not only is the gameplay a return to the classic 2D style but the animation is fully embracing the series 2D roots and pulling out all the stops to make each ki attack, character expression and moves quintessential dragon ball. Though we will have to wait and see how the story plays out, the air of mystery regarding the Red Ribbon Army's return is enough to pull longtime fans in. With incredibly detailed animation, visual style, intriguing plot and engaging gameplay, Fighterz promises to be the best Dragon Ball Z game yet.

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS (PS4) - February 6th, 2018

Team ICO's Shadow of the Colossus has long been heralded as one of the late greats of the PlayStation 2. Immaculately capturing the thrill and intimidation that comes with fighting the mighty titans of earth and stone, the Colossus. When it was announced that the classic epic would be remastered and released for the PlayStation 4, we at AFA Gaming were pleasantly surprised. BluePoint Games (the team responsible for the PS4 remasters of Gravity Rush, Uncharted Collection, etc), has taken great care in improving the SOC's visuals. Using art direction and design notes from the original in order make changes that are true to the intended design. The promise of seeing Shadow of the Colossus visuals, which were already ahead of their time, come into their own on the PS4 is sure to be an exciting experience for fans and newcomers alike.

FE (Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One) – February 16th, 2017

Not all heroes in video games have to be human. They can be robots, animals or anything in-between. In the upcoming title Fe, players will take control of a small creature in a dark forest full of strange and wonderful life forms. However, when the forest beings to wane, this tiny hero sets out to save it's home. Using the sound of its voice to interact with other creatures of the forest and gain new abilities. The game is developed by Zoink Games, a Swedish-based studio.

Who calls their latest project “A personal narrative about our relationship with nature.”

Fe also promises to be a multi-platform game so no matter what system you have, you will have a chance to enjoy this charming title.

NI NO KUNI II: REVENANT KINGDOM (Microsoft Windows, PS4) - March 23rd, 2018

Though the first Ni no Kuni ended Oliver's story very well, we would be lying if we said weren't excited at the prospect of a sequel. This time, however, the game's story seems firmly set in the fantasy realm of the first game, albeit give or take a few hundred years in the future. The game's protagonist, Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, is the heir to the kingdom of Ding Dong Dell. However, after a violent coup d'etat, Evan is forced to flee his kingdom with the aid of Roland a visitor from another world. All of the best aspects of the first game are present in the trailer. Studio Ghibli character designs and world building? Check. Music composed by Joe Hisashi? Double check! However, instead of a turn-based battle mechanic, Revenant Kingdom seems to have incorporated what appears to be a real-time action battle system, doing away with one of the previous game's biggest complaints. Fitting with the game's theme, players will have an opportunity to create and organize their own fantasy kingdom. Whether you're a Ghibli fan or a JRPG enthusiast, Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is shaping up to be a must buy.

These next five games have yet to have their full release dates announced but they are expected to be released in 2018

MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN (PS4) Summer 2018 - Chris Perkins

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about Ratchet and Clank creators Insomniac Games' new take on the web-slinger.

Spider-Man has in the past translated pretty well to the gaming sphere, and the PlayStation 2 Spider-Man 2 movie tie-in, in particular, has many fans. On the face of it, the game seems to be reading from the Arkham Asylum playbook but there's nothing inherently wrong with that. Rocksteady's Batman series is considered to be one of the pinnacles of super-hero games to this day. The chance to swing through a stunningly realized New York catching thieves just likes flies looks like a game not to be missed. In addition, the developers have been given license to create a brand new story and is part of neither the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the comics continuity. This will allow for some genuine surprises. We know the game will feature Peter Parker going up against obscure comics baddie Mister Negative and will feature roles for Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales too- with the former at least being playable in some sections.

DAYS GONE (PS4) Winter 2018 - Chris Perkins

Some people would argue that the zombie genre is played out, but there's still always room for a new angle. This open-world survival/horror/action game made audiences pay attention to its original 2016 E3 reveal video, showing a player running from a World War Z style zombie tsunami.  Beyond that, the post-apocalyptic vibe- where fellow humans are a big a danger as the zombies, naturally- isn't something all that new, but the world created looks absorbing and atmospheric. Looks like the gameplay will be varied too, mixing big set-pieces and stealthy sections too. Not one for the faint-hearted perhaps, but if you can hack it this looks like it's going to be terrifyingly good.


Here is a game that has been many, MANY years in the making. Ever since Kingdom Hearts 2 release date in 2006, die-hard fans of Square-Enix and Disney's collaborative franchise have been eager for a third installment. After 12 years of waiting, numerous side games and remasters, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally in sight. Thanks to the tech demo that was 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, fans already have an idea of how this fabled title will play along with what new Disney World's they will be able to explore. These world's include, the world of Tangled, Big Hero 6 and at 2017 D23 it was confirmed that Pixar films were going to be included with the big reveal of a Toy Story themed world. To say that fans flipped their lids is a gross understatement. Though it remains to be seen if any other Pixar world will be making an appearance, the D23 trailer proved that both Square-Enix and Pixar are going a long way to making sure these iconic characters are animated in a way that is true to the films. Though it is anyone's guess if this 2018 release date will stick (given how notorious Square-Enix is with pushing back release dates), Kingdom Hearts 3 it might just live up over a decade of expectations.

CODE VEIN (PS4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One) - 2018 TBA

From all appearances, Code Vein developed by Namco Bandai Studios seems to be a new take on the successful Dark Souls/Bloodborne formula. Grim settings, wild respawning enemies and the promise that players will watch their character getting killed over and over again. However, instead of a medieval or Victorian setting, Code Vein takes place in an apocalyptic future where humans have been forced to forsake what makes them human in order to survive in a world of vampiric monsters. Players will be given a companion to accompany them as they play to assist with collecting Also, setting Code Vein apart is its visual aesthetic. Going for a distinct anime look and animation courtesy of Ufotable. Add in detailed character creator and you have a game that promises to be one heck of a visual spectacle.

THE WOLF AMONG US SEASON 2- 2018 TBA - Chris Perkins

Telltale Games is due to return to the world of the graphic novel series Fable with the further adventures of private eye Bigby Wolf. Set in a world where the characters from Fairytales are real and living in exile in the city, the first game saw Bigby investigating the murder of Snow White. Using the premise as a jumping off point for a noir-style detective story, the first game was an inspired treat for adventure game fans. We don't know exactly what to expect from the second “season” (Telltale games are released episodically) but the first game created such a compelling world that we can't wait to find out.