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'Reboot: The Guardian Code' Heads To Netflix: Watch The New Trailer

Readers of a certain age may recall the 90's animated series ReBoot. One of the earliest computer animated series, and with a plot actually set inside a computer, it is fondly remembered by many to this day. We reported some time ago that a revival (technically a sequel, not a reboot) titled ReBoot: The Guardian Code was in the works. But that was way back in 2014, and we've hardly heard a whisper since.

It turns out it is still coming- and it's just around the corner. In fact, it's due to hit Netflix on March 30 everywhere except Canada (where it will debut on YTV in June).

Unlike the original, the new series will be a hybrid of animation and live-action. It seems that it will use animation to create the cyberworld of Mainframe, and use live-action for the real-world sequences. It will focus on four teenagers who discovered they are destined to become the guardians of cyberspace.

The animated sections of the show have been produced using the Unreal game engine in 4K resolution and will be the first TV show to do so.

You can check out the first trailer below. The live-action elements give it a certain Power Rangers vibe, but the animated segments actually look pretty true to the original. While updated with new technology, they still retain a definite retro look.

Can the new series carry off the tricky balance of appealing to both a new generation of fans and those who grew up on the original? Well, if you're a Netflix subscriber there's not long to wait to find out!