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Web Animation Watch: 'Ta-Daa', 'Off The Leash' and More

The Internet has been a wonderful thing for animators, making it easier than ever before for them to get their stuff out there. But in this new wild frontier how are you supposed to know where to find the good stuff? Here at AFA's Web Animation Watch, we try to make that a little easier, bringing you the best in online animation, new and old.

Have you produced something that you think we could feature in a future iteration? Or just found something you think we should take a look at? Drop us a line today!

Off The Leash: The Weigh In

We're always featuring Simon's Cat, so it's only fair we featured something for all you Dog People out there. Off The Leash is an animated series of shorts based on the comic strip by Rupert Fawcett, and produced by Factory. Dog lovers will get a kick out of seeing the antics of the mischievous West Highland Terrier, Pip. See more episodes here.


This bizarre little gem from Australian team Safety Hammer follows the antics of an (incredibly drunk) magician's assistant. The short's off-the-wall sense of humour is a result of the fact that it is based on improvised dialogue from some incredibly funny people. For added fun, it even starts with an unrelated fake YouTube ad. (Contains some strong language and adult humour).

Wolfenstein II: VHS Vengeance

New from Mashed, this short imagines what the Nazi-fighting videogame Wolfenstein II would have looked liked as a 80's cartoon. The attention to detail is sublime, even down to making the whole thing look like it has been ripped off a ratty old VHS tape.

If Johnny Bravo Worked In An Office

This parody from AOK wonders what would happen if Johnny Bravo worked in an office. Suffice to say, it doesn't go too well...

Frog: Muggins and Tuggins

Aardboiled is a new platform for "offbeat and original animated comedy" curated by the legendary Aardman animation. One of the featured series is Muggins & Tuggins from Dave McKenna, about a pair of aliens trying to learn about the earth. In this episode, they encounter a frog. Check out more episodes here.