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Netflix Picks Up New Henry Selick Feature 'Wendell & Wild'.

It seems that Netflix is really serious about upping its animation game. The streaming giant seems to be assembling a dream team of animated talent to produce films and series for their catalogue. Shortly after acquiring the rights to a new feature from the legendary Glen Keane, they have welcomed another animation legend to the fold.

This time it's stop-motion superstar Henry Selick- The director of Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. This will be the first new feature from Selick since he parted ways from LAIKA after Coraline's release.

Wendell & Wild is based on an original idea by Selick, and has already attracted some pretty high profile names. Selick is penning the script alongside Clay McLeod Chapman and the Oscar-winning writer/director of Get Out, Jordan Peele.

Peele will also be producing and appearing in the film, voicing one of a pair of demon brothers, the other to be played by his long-time collaborator Keegan-Michael Key. It's fantastic to see Peele lending his writing talents to animation. It also (thankfully) contradicts stories that he had retired from acting entirely after being offered the voice of a talking poo in The Emoji Movie.

Argentinan artist Pablo Lobato will be providing character designs for the film.

Beyond that, all other details such as plot, release date and further casting are to be confirmed. We'll bring you more as it develops.

Selick is also working on a TV adaptation of the video game Little Nightmares.