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Watch This: 'Only Slightly Exaggerated'

Occasionally, the world of advertising and commissioned films can be a place where animators can really let their imaginations run wild. It doesn't really matter what they may be advertising, quality animation speaks for itself.

Only Slightly Exaggerated is a short commissioned by Travel Oregon,  an organisation dedicated to promoting tourism in the Northwestern American State. It's a slice of 2D animated loveliness that pays tribute to the work of Studio Ghibli. The short is designed to show off the natural wonders of this particular state- only as the title suggests.. slightly exaggerated.

That "slight exaggeration" includes strange creatures flying through the sky and caterpillars riding bikes, not to mention giant rabbits. These fantastical creatures add to the Ghibli-esque feel, along with the sumptuously painted backgrounds and beautiful score (courtesy of Oregon Symphony). We suspect though, that anyone going to the state expecting to see such sights for real is going to be Slightly Disappointed.

The film is written and produced by Wieden + Kennedy, and the animation produced by Psyop and Sun Creatures Studio. You can find out more about the reality behind the fiction here.