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'Vinland Saga' Anime Announced

Makoto Yukimura's manga Vinland Saga has been a favourite of manga connoisseurs since it first hit in 2009.  While critically acclaimed, it hasn't always translated into big sales, at least in the West- Kodansha's English editions have famously skirted close to cancellation. However, that could be soon to change as an anime adaptation has been announced that is sure to raise the series' profile.

The anime is being produced by Attack On Titan/ Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress producers Studio Wit, and will be released on Amazon Prime Video.

Vinland Saga is a historical adventure that takes place in Europe in the age of the Vikings. It follows a character named Thorfinn who is raised by the Viking clan who killed his family. Living among his enemies, he trains to become a fearsome Viking warrior and take revenge on their leader, Askeladd. The 'Vinland' of the title is a far away land that Thorfinn dreams of.  Viking history buffs will know that Vinland was the ancient Norse name for America.

The comics are richly researched and feature stunning artwork from Yukimura. It's gritty and violent stuff- but Game Of Thrones it is not: expect no magic or dragons here.

This is exciting news- and Studio Wit's involvement should guarantee that this series is done justice. We await more information on this with baited breath!