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11-11 Memories Retold Announced by Aardman and DigixArt Studio

Aardman Animations has long established themselves as an animation studio with an equal share in both charm and talent when it comes to the art filmmaking. However, it seems they may be taking a step into new territory with the announcement of a collaborative project with Bandai Namco, and development studio DigixArt to create an interactive narrative experience.

The game, titled 11-11 Memories Retold, sets its story in the throes of World War I and will follow the tale of two soldiers that are brought together due to unlikely circumstances. The game's director, Yoan Fanise, has described this video game project to be something that "goes beyond entertainment". A game that while set in the chaos of war, focuses more on the little moments of humanity on both sides of the conflict. Promising a game experience that will serve as a way of remembering the fallen, much like how poppies are worn in remembrance on November 11th.

Though only a single trailer exists for the 11-11 at this time, giving us an idea of the beautiful, painted backgrounds, more information about the game's visual design came be gleaned from the very first developmental vlog, provided by Aardman Animations. This Vlog, in which Yoan Fanise is interviewed, illustrates the starting point between Aardman and DigixArt's partnership as well as the animated short film that served to inspire the game's art design, titled "Flight of the Stories".

The release date for 11-11 Memories Retold has yet to be announced but the game is expected to be released for Xbox 1, PlayStation 4 and PC.

For more information - Check out Namco Bandai Website or follow the game on Twitter for news updates about the game, including development Vlogs, which can also be found on Aardman Animation's Website

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11-11 Memories Retold Official Vlog: The Vision - Aardman Animation, DigixArt, Namco Bandai