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Out This Week: 'Early Man', 'Wolf's Rain' 'Lupin The 3rd Part IV' and More

In this week's new animated home releases, following its disc debut Stateside last week, Aardman's Early Man arrives in the studio's home country. There's also a great selection of anime on both sides of the pond, including a beautiful special edition of Wolf's Rain and the return of the legendary Lupin the 3rd.

Click the links below to order via Amazon (affiliate links used where possible). All information provided is correct at time of writing to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change.

UK Releases For May 28

BLAME! (Manga, 12) Polygon Pictures' Cyberpunk CGI anime. Read our review here
FORMATS:  Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital

Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga  Part 2 (Manga, 12) Supernatural anime series.

Early Man (Studio Canal, PG) Aardman's stone-age comedy. Read our review here.
FORMATS: Blu-ray, DVD, Digital, 4K

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry (Anime Limited, 15) Movie spin-off of the hit series
FORMATS:  Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, Standard Blu-Ray, DVD

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (Anime Limited, 15) Feature length outing for the hugely popular anime franchise. Read our review here.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, Standard Blu-Ray, DVD

Wolf's Rain: Ultimate Edition (Anime Limited, 12) Anime following a pack of wolves (who can take on human form) in a futuristic world.

US Releases For May 29

Fist Of The North Star: The Movie (Discotek) Cult anime action flick. 

Lupin the 3rd Part IV: The Italian Adventure  (English Dub only)(Discotek) The legendary gentleman thief returns.

FORMATS: Blu-Ray (SD on Blu-Ray)*

Show By Rock!!: Season 2 + Shorts (Funimation) Anime idols fight evil with J-Pop
FORMATS: Blu-Ray/DVD Combo

Star Ocean EX: The Complete Series (Discotek) JRPG inspired anime saga
FORMATS: Blu-Ray (SD on Blu-Ray)*

Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: On The side (Sentai Filmworks) Spin-off of the anime fantasy series.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray, Collector's Edition, DVD

Tokyo Underground: The Complete Series (Discotek). Anime adventure.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray (SD on Blu-Ray)*

*These titles are released in standard definition on Blu-Ray.