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Anime News Round-up: Devilman, Cowboy Bebop, Perfect Blue and More

This past weekend was a long weekend for both the UK and the US ( Late Spring Bank Holiday and Memorial Day weekend respectively). It was also the weekend of two major conventions: MCM ComicCon in London, and Momocon in Atlanta.

This lead to a whole slew of new anime announcements on both sides of the pond- and we've rounded them up for you here. Because we're nice like that.

UK Round-up

Anime Limited Announcements

Anime Limited made a number of brand new listening announcements and confirmed more details on several other previously announced titles.

• Kiznaiver (produced by Trigger and written by Mari Okada) will be released as a Collector's edition Blu-Ray and standard DVD on July 30, 2018.
Masaaki Yuasa's Lu Over The Wall will be released on July 16, 2018, as a Collectors Edition Combo pack, standard Blu-ray and Standard DVD. The Collector's Edition will include an exclusive artbook.
Amanchu, Production IG's series about friendship and scuba-diving, will be released as a collector's edition later this year.
• Anime Limited will continue their releases of Gundam with two more titles- Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and the stand-alone movie Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky. Both titles will be released during 2018.
• Season one of Kyoto Animation's teen slice-of-life drama Sound Euphonium will be getting a collector's edition sometime in 2018.
NHK's documentary Hayao Miyazaki: Never Ending Man will be released on home video by Anime Limited.
• Two titles from the legendary CLAMP collective will come to the UK. Angelic Layer will be released on Blu-Ray during the third quarter of 2018. Card Captor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card will also be released (date and details to be confirmed at a future date).
Perfect Blue will receive a new Ultimate Edition Release. It will feature a brand new master on Blu-Ray, the CD Soundtrack, and a 390-page Storyboard book never before released outside of Japan.
•  Cowboy Bebop will receive a 20th Anniversary edition during 2018. Plans are to be confirmed but expect it to include the full Yoko Kanno soundtrack on CD.

MVM Entertainment Announcements

MVM have confirmed the following new titles.

Bakuon- an anime featuring motorcycling teens.
Heroic Legend Of Arslan Season 2- the fantasy anime continues.
Seven Mortal Sins- fan-service heavy anime.
Star-Myu Seasons 1 & 2- Following the students of an elite music academy.
When They Cry (Full series)  Horror/ murder mystery.
Sagrada Reset- featuring a young girl able to 'reset' time,

US Round-up

Discotek Announcements

Discotek will release the two-part OAV adaptation of Devilman from 1987/1990, on remastered Blu-Ray this summer. It will come complete with the infamous (very sweary) Manga Entertainment English dub and new subtitles.
• Devilman will be joined by another vintage Manga Entertainment title, the six-part OAV Angel Cop, also debuting on Blu-Ray.
•  Also due this summer are Blu-Ray editions of previous DVD-only releases Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact and Babel II.
•  Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier and the Law Of Ueki will be released on Blu-Ray in standard-definition. All 51 episodes of Ueki will be included on a single Blu-ray disc.
• Discotek have licenced All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, which includes both OAV series and the TV series.
 Card Captor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card will be released on Blu-Ray in the US this summer.
•  The 1985 Lupin III Movie: The Legend Of The Gold Of Babylon will be released on Blu-Ray. It will feature a new dub, directed by Michael Epcar, featuring the cast from the Lupin TV series.

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