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'Trollhunters' Part 3 Trailer Released

The third and final part of Guillermo del Toro's hugely popular animated series Trollhunters is just around the corner. With the new episodes due to hit on May 25, DreamWorks and Netflix have unleashed a new trailer to whet fan's appetites.

Excitement for the new episodes among fans will be slightly tinged by sadness. Not only are these set to be the final episodes, but they will also feature the debut of Emile Hirsch in the lead role of Jim, taking over from the late Anton Yelchin. 

Endings often lend to new beginnings, however, and we will return to del Toro's fictional world later in 2018 with the second part of his Tales Of Arcadia trilogy 3 Below.

In DreamWorks Trollhunters Part 3, the fate of troll and human civilisations hang in the balance. The Trollhunters are racing to stop Gunmar and the now resurrected Morgana from bringing about the Eternal Night and shrouding the world in darkness forever. To defeat them, the team must seek the help of the legendary wizard Merlin to unlock his ancient magic and unleash a powerful weapon that will alter the course of their lives forever.