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'Maquia': New English Trailer and Poster Released

In the wake of Your Name, A Silent Voice and In This Corner Of The World, it could be argued that we're experiencing something of a new golden age of anime movies. And thanks to a handful of distributors on both sides of the Atlantic, more and more of these movies are getting theatrical releases than ever, too. In the UK, the distributors behind a good proportion of these screenings is Anime Limited.

The next release on the company's docket is Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms, the directorial debut of prolific anime writer Mari Okada. As the June 27 release approaches, a brand new trailer has been released, alongside a new poster.

The new trailer gives us our best look at the film yet. It showcases some sumptuous looking animation, and gives us a taste of the plot (seemingly without giving too much away). Most of all though, it creates a real sense of atmosphere, suggesting that Maquia will transport viewers to a rich and well-realised fantasy world.

Okada wrote and directed the film, with acclaimed studio PA Works responsible for the animation production.  Character designs come from Akihiko Yoshida and music from  Kenji Kawai. 

Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms will be in cinemas in the UK and Ireland on Wednesday, June 27. Find a screening and buy tickets here.  The film will also be released in the United States on July 20 by Eleven Arts.

The people of Iolph are known for two things: their youthful longevity and peaceful lives weaving tapestry. When that is disturbed and their home thrown into chaos by those believing that their blood gifts longer life, Maquia loses not only her friends, but a place to return to. Lost in both mind and body, she stumbles into a dark forest and happens upon Aliel, an orphaned baby boy. Together, the two embark on an emotional journey of the bond between the ageless and the mortal.