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[Annecy 2018] Disney TV Talk 'Vikingskool', 'The Owl House' and 'The Rocketeer'

Among the myriad delights at the Annecy International Animation Festival every year, the offerings from Disney are always likely to get the most attention. Disney TV Animation's annual presentation is where they give the world a sneak peek of their upcoming and ongoing shows.

The biggest surprise this year was the announcement of the brand new series Vikingskool,  from the triple-Oscar nominated Irish Studio Cartoon Saloon. The series will be aimed at 6-11-year-olds, and follow the adventures of Vikings in training in an elite school for warriors. Cartoon Saloon are co-producing with France's Samka Productions, with post-production from Norway's Storm Films. The initial run is 26 episodes, due to run from the end of 2019.

Disney also revealed more details and new art from The Owl House, the previously announced new series from Dana Terrace (Duck Tales and Gravity Falls alumni). The horror-comedy series follows a teenage human girl named Luz who discovers a portal to another world, where humans are unpopular and has to disguise herself to fit in at witch school. The series is currently in pre-production and is eyeing a 2019 launch.

The first details were also revealed about the new Rocketeer series. Audiences were shown early test footage of the new series, which will be 3D CG animated and aimed at the 2-5 year olds.  Unlike the 1930's set original movie (or the comics that inspired it) the new series will be set in the modern day. The reboot will focus on a 6-year-old girl, Kit Seacourt who takes on the Rocketeer mantle after acquiring a fancy new jetpack. No date has yet been announced for the new Rocketeer to take flight.

Disney also gave attendees a preview of the upcoming Big City Greens- launching this summer- and announced that ongoing series PJ Masks and Miraculous:  Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir would both be continuing for fourth seasons.