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Kickstart This: Multiplex 10: The Webseries'

Last year we featured Multiplex 10: The Animated Short, an animated follow up to Gordon McAlpin's webcomic Multiplex. The finished short was released back in January (it's available on Prime Video, Vimeo on Demand and other platforms), and McAlpin and his team followed it up by launching Multiplex 10: The Webseries, an ongoing continuation of the series. So far, nine episodes have been released (with another on the way) on Multiplex10.com and via their Youtube channel. Now, the producers are turning to crowdfunding to help produce another 10.

For the uninitiated,  the short and series alike (and the comic before it) follows the staff of a 10-screen Multiplex "particularly a schlock-loving usher named Kurt and his reluctant BFF, a film snob named Jason." The series is a mix of workplace comedy, character humour and nerdy movie-geek jokes "that appeals to movie pop culture junkies and fans of indie animation for slightly immature grownups everywhere". The series has recently featured on our very own Web Animation Watch.

In addition to the regular episodes, the team has also been putting out Multiplex Movie Minutes, short (spoiler-free) animated reviews of the latest movie releases. It's this need to be topical that it the prime reason for returning to Kickstarter. Although the series is made by a small team, including Tom Brazelton (former artist of webcomic Theatre Hopper) and Joe Dunn (creator of webcomic Joe Loves Crappy Movies) and producer Scott Weinberg (writer and podcaster), the episodes are animated by McAlpin alone. In order to continue to produce output at this pace, they're seeking a minimum of $20,000. This will allow them to produce five new episodes and five new Movie Minutes.

Rewards start at $5, and include digital downloads of the short, digital artbooks, screenplays and early access to the series on release. At the pricier end, there's original art, cameo appearances and producer credits. If the campaign is successful, they hope to release three or four new videos a month.

The "Help Wanted" section of the page also puts out the call for 2D animators and vector illustrators who can draw in the series' style, and for women and POC voice actors to submit their demo reels.

The campaign will run until July 17. If you want to get involved, head over to the Kickstarter page now.