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Web Animation Watch: 'Multiplex 10', 'Space James 2' and More

Welcome back to another edition of Web Animation Watch, where we feature the best in online animation new, and not so new. This time we see some familiar faces return alongside some brand new ones.

If you've created or found something you think we should feature in a future edition of Web Animation Watch then drop us a line today.

Multiplex 10: Self Help

Following on from the crowd-funded animated short from creator Gordon McAlpin, Multiplex 10: The Web series, continues to follow the exploits of a group of cinema employees. Not that you'll need to have seen the original short (available on Amazon Prime, Fearless and Vimeo On Demand) or have read the original webcomic to enjoy them. They combine work-place character comedy, movie commentary and the kind of stuff that will be familiar to anyone who has ever worked in retail or the service industry. This latest episode is a prime example, but the whole series is worth checking out. The series also has a Patreon

Vampires Vs Werewolves

New from the Saftey Hammer team, is this short exploration of the competing appeal of vampires and werewolves. It's educational... sort of! There's graphs and everything. It's definitely very funny, though. 

Rocket Adrift

Rocket Adrift is an animated comedy about three struggling artists living together. In this episode, they discover why friends don't make the best critics of each other's art. It may not be the flashiest piece of animation you'll see, but a sketch about three people having a conversation in one room doesn't need to be. It's got an appealing indie-comic-style aesthetic, but it's the well-observed writing (and accompanying strong voice-performances) that really sell this. You can also support the series on Patreon.

Space James 2: Nice Horse

It's been quite some time since we first featured Space James, the brilliant sci-fi comedy short from the inimitable  Mr Weebl. We're glad to say that the wait for another episode has been well worth it, as the cocky space-farer is on hilarious form. And this time.. he has a horse. And It's pretty nice. The short is written by Weebl and  Animated by Weebl and Kreid. Support Mr Weebl on Patreon here.

Five Stages Of Watching A Star Wars Movie

It's not quite the most ambitious cross-over event in history, but How It Should Have Ended teaming up with the super-talented Leigh Lahav, is still pretty exciting. HISHE have been increasingly expanding beyond their traditional alternate ending formula to great effect. Here, just in time for the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story,  Lahav (aka OnlyLeigh) takes us through the five stages of watching a new Star Wars flick.