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Could The Original 'Teen Titans' Be Coming Back?

Jeremy Harrison discusses the Teen Titans Go To The Movies mid-credits stinger and what it could mean for the future of the OG Teen Titans. ( Mild Spoilers)

So we’ve all seen the movie by now (or at the very least read the spoiler) where in the mid- credit rolls, there’s a fuzzy message and you hear the voices of the Titans- but they sound a bit off from the voices we were just listening to for 90 minutes.

Robin can be heard saying

“I think we’ve found a way back!”

The camera cuts back to reveal the original Teen Titans, end message.

And with that, there’s been a lot of speculation that Cartoon Network will make Season 6 of the original Teen Titans animated series (which ran from 2003 to 2006).  If Young Justice is coming back, why not Teen Titans? After all, it ended in a cliffhanger! Well, not really! Not a major cliffhanger anyway.

In the second to last episode Titans Together: all the Titans ever depicted in the show come together to defeat the big bad guys they couldn’t handle with just the five of them.

And in the last episode, Things Change: Terra’s back! Which ends with a little mystery. Beast Boy runs out of the school to help his teammates, leaving behind Terra, and it left us with questions like how was she back and did she remember? Honestly, I think it’s a good thing they left something to the imagination. To give fans a mystery to solve that can never really be solved.

But now after more than 12 years, they might be coming back and I would like to say to everybody DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP JUST YET! Teen Titans Go is notorious for trolling its audience.

They seem to be saying “OH! you don’t like how we’re doing our show that’s clearly aimed at a younger audience, but you’re watching our show because you watched the TV-Y7/G counterpart when you were 10?”

Let’s tease a few episodes that’ll make you wet your whistle and then piss you off even more when we don’t deliver.

And this feels similar to me. But original Teen Titans castmembers have been fanning the flames on Twitter:

So, the movie has to make $250 million for them to release season 6? Then whoops, looks like we get nothing. When the movie first premiered in America it only made ~$10 million and in the second week had a major disappointing drop of 66 %. That’s bad for an animated movie! Current estimates say the movie should at least make 30 million. Disappointing but not an outright disaster- but $200 million looks pretty far out of reach.

My guess is the teaser in the mid-credit role is one last meta-joke. Marvel does these end credit teasers that get people hyped up for the next movie or event, so why don't we do something similar and play with your emotions at the same time. Just like we do on the show! It’ll be fun!

But to add a bit of hope to this, nobody knows what Cartoon Network has planned. I could be totally wrong about it being a meta-joke and we get something after all this time, but I strongly doubt it’ll be season six. I'm leaning more towards a TV-special; if we get anything.

Like the song in the 200th episode says:

It made that money like pyramid

We worked this hard for all the kids

Who love the show: Teen Titans GO!

And you know we gonna pump out 200 more

If you had no clue, well now you know!

At the very least, you know, we’re going to get more Teen Titans Go because it’s making that money like pyramid(s), yo.