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'Denver The Last Dinosaur' Remake To Air on French TV

It sometimes seems that every cartoon from the 80s and 90s is getting the remake treatment- DuckTales, Danger Mouse, Voltron, She-Ra- to name just a few. One return seems to have flown under most retro animation fans radars, however, and is due to make its debut later this month.

Denver The Last Dinosaur was a 1988 series featuring a rock 'n' roll loving dinosaur who was taken in by a young boy named Wally.  It was made in the wake of the popularity of The Land Before Time, but predating the success of Jurassic Park.  Several legendary voice actors appeared in the series-  including Rob Paulson, Cam Clarke, Tress MacNeille and Frank Welker. It's probably best remembered today for its catchy theme song.

The '88 version was originally a US-French coproduction, and the remake is being produced by Zagtoon, the Paris-based studio behind Miraculous Ladybug. The series is set to air on French network M6 from August 27.

The animation displayed in the intro sequence swaps out the traditional cel animation for a more modern cel-shaded look. Fans of the original have apparently been complaining on French-language Twitter, but it's an appealing look. You can compare it to the original, below:

There's no word of an English version of the remake just yet, but with Zagtoon behind it, we'd be surprised if there wasn't one before long. Do you remember Denver and how do you feel about the new version? Let us know in the comments, or via our usual social media channels!

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