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Watch This: 'Dinner For Few'

Back in 2015, we spoke to filmmaker Nassos Vakalis about his animated short Dinner For Few. The film was a big success on the international festival circuit,  screening at over 250 festivals and winning 78 awards. In 2018 the film was finally released online. Since its debut on Vimeo, it has gone on to win a Staff Pick and Best Of The Month award and has featured on Short Of The Week.

The film is an allegorical piece inspired by the financial crisis in Nassos's home country of Greece. Around a dinner table, a party of hungry pigs (representing institutions such as banks, the Greek Orthodox Church, the courts and so on)  greedily tuck into a feast, while at their feet a group of mewling cats beg for scraps. Eventually, the pigs' greed comes back to bite them- quite literally.

The film has a creepily effective atmosphere and an eye-catching visual style. The music too, has a big part in creating the film's mood. This comes courtesy of a fully orchestrated soundtrack, composed by  Kostas Christides and performed by the Bratislava Studio Orchestra. 

The film is even more impressive considering the small team involved. Nassos served as lead artist as well as writer and director, but only one other animator- Eva Vomhoff, the film's technical director- worked on the film. Katerina Stergiopoulou -who is also Nassos's wife- was the film's producer.

You can watch the film, below. Contains some violent/gory imagery. You can also see a film on the recording of the film's score here.

DINNER FOR FEW from Nassos Vakalis on Vimeo.