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Web Animation watch; 'Mr Weebl's Advent Calendar', 'Pip' and More

Welcome back to Web Animation Watch, our regular showcase of the latest and greatest online animation.

If you've created or found something you think we should feature in a future edition of Web Animation Watch then drop us a line today.

Mr Weebl's Advent Calendar 2018

Mr Weebl's Advent Calendar is something we look forward to. It's an incredible achievement (not to mention insane) to produce 24 (mostly) animated videos in a short time. This year the calendar is back (after taking a well-deserved break last year) in association with Aardman Animation's Aardboiled Channel. A new video will be released every day up until Christmas Eve. See all the videos so far here.

I Wait For The Night

Now for a pretty major change of pace, comes this atmospheric short from Arthur Chaumay, produced as a graduation film made at Gobelins and Calarts. It features a meeting of two young men on the shores of an abandoned lake, forcing one of them to face their inner demons. This is great dramatic stuff that has a feel all of its own- it radiates a melancholy, creepy and slightly unsettling mood which means that you can't be quite sure where it's going to end up. This is a first-rate example of truly adult animation.

J’ATTENDS LA NUIT / I WAIT FOR THE NIGHT / 等待夜晚 from Arthur Chaumay on Vimeo.


Get ready to say "awwwww!" This adorable short features the efforts of a plucky puppy (the titular Pip, we presume) in his efforts to become a guide dog. Not only is this short incredibly cute, but it's also in aid of a brilliant cause, Southeastern Guide Dogs. If you want to help out real-life pups, you can donate to the charity, here.

The Real Pokebusters

Mashed has a real knack for creating mashups of things that you wouldn't think would go well together, but somehow they do. They have been knocking it out of the park lately by mashing favourite cartoons and classic video games together to create the likes of We Link Links (We Bare Bears Meets Zelda) S.T.A.R.S vs The Forces of Resident Evil and  Crash Bandicoot Falls (Crash Bandicoot meets Gravity Falls). Now, we see what happens when Pokemon crosses streams with The Real Ghostbusters.