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Web Animation Watch; 'Salad Fingers', 'Starbarians Episode 3' and More

Welcome back to Web Animation Watch, our regular feature showcasing the best in online animation. After a (slightly longer than intended) seasonal break, we're back to bring you another year of fantastic animation!

If you've created (or even just found) something you think we should feature in an upcoming edition, drop us a line via email or via one of our social media channels.

Salad Fingers 11: Glass Brother

If you were around for the early days of web animation, chances are you came across Salad Fingers.
David Firth's creation stood out from the pack as it was just as interested in unsettling you and creeping you out as it was in tickling your funny bone. Now the series is back with a brand new episode, the first in more than four years. You can support David on Patreon.

Starbarians: Episode 3

Harry Partridge is another titan in the world of web animation, with a well deserved reputation for producing some of the slickest 2D animation out there. His perfectionism is so high that there's been a notoriously long wait between his releases. The sci-fi spoof Starbarians has become particularly famous for its lengthy production time. Partridge released its first episode in 2012, with the second following in 2015. The third episode is now finally available, as of January 2019- and is unquestionably the most technically accomplished episode to date. Support Harry on Patreon here.

Awaken (League Of Legends)

We've frequently featured the animated shorts related to the hit video game Overwatch here on WAW, but the fantasy-flavoured game League Of Legends has also inspired a lot of excellent animation. This latest music video (released to mark the launch of the new 2019 season) has enough, magic, mythical creatures and epic fantasy battles to rival your average Tolkien adaptation. 

Simon's Cat | Staircase

What can we say about Simon's Cat we haven't dozens of times before? This latest short is as cute, funny and true to life as any of the other 88 shorts that came before it. It's the first episode to carry sponsorship and also one of the longest episodes to date (not counting the sponsor message after the short). If sponsorship is a way for us to get even more Simon's Cat, in future then we're all for it!


Tense family relationships and the majesty of nature combine to stunning effect in this student graduation film from the prestigious Gobelins school in Paris. The character animation and design are excellent but it's the beautiful backgrounds and effects that really make this special. Directed by Julie Bousquet, Estelle Hocquet and Catherine Manesse. (French Language with English subtitles)