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First 'Frozen II' Teaser Trailer Arrives

Considering it's the sequel to the biggest animated film ever, Disney has been pretty shy about sharing details of their upcoming Frozen follow-up. It's out before the end of the year, but the Mouse House hadn't yet released as much as a teaser image. It left us wondering, is it even going to make its Thanksgiving release date?

Turns out there was no need to worry, as the first teaser the movie- which is titled Frozen II- is here. And it's quite different from what you might be expecting. Even if you think you've had enough Frozen for a lifetime.

Opening with a stunning sequence of Elsa using her ice powers on a stormy sea, it's got a much more serious tone than the first film. Later we flash to several other sequences. We see a concerned looking Anna seeing something strange going on in Arendelle. We see a determined looking Kristoff and Sven leading charge of reindeer. 

We also see what looks like our lead sisters separated and in trouble (Anna alone but Elsa alongside Olaf) and a glimpse of a brand new character. Finally, we see all the main characters together, overlooking a stunning forest landscape.

This is a pretty great teaser- it gives away basically nothing about the actual plot, it shows off some highly impressive animation and (hopefully) leaves you wanting to know more.  The official synopsis doesn't reveal too much, either:

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are going far in the forest to know the truth about an ancient mystery of their kingdom.

No doubt we'll see much more later in the year, but this is an impressive start. Frozen II is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee and will be in cinemas in the US and UK on November 22.

Check out the trailer, below.