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Lord and Miller To Oversee Sony's Marvel TV Universe

Phil Lord and Chris Miller played a big part in bringing to life last year's game-changer Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse. Whilst that film felt new and refreshing, it also felt like only the start of something new. Naturally, Sony has already ordered a sequel and spin-off but it turns out they are also looking at expanding into TV.

Lord and Miller have signed on for a five-year overall deal with Sony TV. They will develop their own projects, both drama and comedy as well as oversee other projects from other creators. Part of this will be developing a number of series based on 'Sony's Universe of Marvel characters'. While Marvel Studios has the rights back to most of their properties (particularly since Disney acquired Fox) Sony still has the right to Spider-Man and associated characters. This includes not only all the different incarnations of Spider-Men (or woman, or Pig), but related characters such as Venom, Silver Sable and the full rogue's gallery of enemies.

It would seem logical that at least some of these will be Spider-Verse related. Any of the Spider-folk we met in the movie could be suitable for their own series. Or maybe we'll meet even more Spider people! There's so much potential there.

Lord and Miller are quite unusual in the business in that they can move easily from animation to live-action or from family movies to more adult fare. This deal seems to give them the chance to utilise all their skills. Perhaps we could even see something in a similar vein to their cult comedy Clone High?

Sony TV are an independent producer. This means that any projects would also need to find a broadcaster or streaming platform to partner with. Unless that is, Sony follows in the footsteps of seemingly every other studio and decides to establish a streaming service of its own.

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