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The Next Generation Of 'The Avengers': On Disney Plus and Beyond

Welcome back to Comic Connections where resident comic book fanboy Jeremy patrols the nexus where comics, animation and movies meet! Following last week's look at the possibilities of  Marvel's What If series, this week, we look at what lies ahead for the next generation of Avengers post Endgame, on Disney +, in the movies and beyond. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS ENDGAME.

Endgame basically ends Phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 22 movies, 13 TV shows and five animated series in 11 years from phase one (Iron Man, 2008) to the end of phase three (Avengers Endgame, 2019) in that time massive world building was being done to introducing a new generation to the likes Iron Man, Captain America to Luke Cage and Daredevil.

Phase three will officially end with Spider-Man: Far From Home but it's basically an epilogue. What happens next after the death of Iron Man, the founder of the MCU, and the retirement of Steve Rogers the moral compass?

The Original Avengers are officially NO MORE! Sure, heroes are still around but the death of Robert Downey Jr's character officially marks the end of an era.

Of course, Marvel has no shortage of heroes to meet this demand. Especially now Fox's characters are also back in play. In fact, the films themselves have given us a bit of a clue to who will rise up and meet this void to lead us to a new age of heroes.

Three female heroes to be exact. Those being
Stature (Cassie Lang, daughter of Antman), the new Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), and of course Photon (Monica Rambeau, who was foreshadowed in Captain Marvel ) 

Monica Rambeau was at one point more popular than Carol Danvers in the comics, and could be poised to take on a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward.

These heroes are children of the Avengers which brings to mind the Young Avengers. Now another clue is given to us by the shows coming to Disney+ in the Fall. We know it will featuring Clint Barton training Kate Bishop.

The show to my predictions will follow one of Marvel's best selling comic books.

How many graphic novels get the New York Times best seller?

And as for the Scarlet Witch and Vision show WandaVison well, another popular Marvel book was:

In this series, the Vision builds himself a family. Taking a clue from that maybe Wanda is going to use her magical powers to bring Vision back to life and give herself a normal family with two kids because you see ... she can't control her powers.

and with but three words .... she changed everything.

These children willed into existence: Speed and Wiccan

It's true Wanda hasn't shown that level of power in the movies ... yet! But she also didn't show that level of power until the early 2000s before that it was mostly just minor tricks and such.

But that's the problem with magic. It can be as strong or as weak as the writer wants it to be which bring me to the next case: Kid Loki.  While I'm pretty sure that the Loki series that Disney+ will give us is the one that escaped in Endgame. I would really like to see a nod to Kid Loki.

Thor: I brought you back (from the dead) and sought you out to bring you home, brother.

Kid Loki, unlike his adult counterpart, is actually a good guy or rather good enough to help and intentionally form an Avengers Team.

Notice that the Young Avengers team features: Kate Bishop, Wiccan, Speed, Kid Loki and 3 other heroes that haven't yet been mentioned in this article.

So phase four will basically be a quiet era. A chance for Kevin Feige to build up new heroes and I'm sure that Marvel will introduce marvel's newest hot star, Kamala Khan.

Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel leader of the Champions!

I'm not sure why she's in a show called Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors since in the comics, Secret Warriors is a team that Nick Fury started to engage in ... well, a secret war.

Kamala Khan made her first animated appearance in 2015 in Avengers Assembled voiced by Kathreen KhavariSince then Ms. Khavari has continued to voice Kamala so it's safe to say that if/when Disney+ makes her own character focused cartoon rather than the 100th Spider-Man cartoon Khavari will be well-seasoned at voicing her.

A great introduction to Ms. Marvel

And ultimately, will this lead to a Champions show/animation in phase five? The Champions is perfect to begin the next era of the MCU.  They're young and they want to do things their own way. Different from the Avengers which makes the team uniquely their own. They want to do more than just punch bad guys. Soup kitchen work, activist, environmental issues ... stuff that motivates young people to go out and make a difference whether they have powers or not, they want to promote a feeling that anyone can help. I wonder how well the general public will take to super heroes being political activists?

Just imagine: PHASE Eight of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Kamala and her Champions try and end world hunger. Box Office Mojo predicts 2 billion dollars opening night.

Heh, let's make it happen people.

Till next time true believers.