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Disney Unveil 'Short Circuit' Experimental Films, Previewing At Annecy

A little while ago, we reported on Sparkshorts a new initiative from Pixar to allow new voices and fresh storytelling through short films. Now it has been announced that Pixar's sister company Walt Disney Animation Studios is launching an initiative of its own, Short Circuit.

Subtitled 'Experimental Films', Short Circuit allows anyone at WDAS to pitch a short, that will then be able to make use of the studio's resources to make it a reality. The first three shorts have been announced.

Jing Hua (Flower in the Mirror) is directed by veteran technical director Jerry Huynh. Just a Thought is directed by Brian Menz. Exchange Student. Natalie Nourigat is the director of Exchange Student. Although only these three have been announced, there's plenty more still to come. So far, the program has given 20 Disney artists the chance to create a short. The films running times average at 2 minutes long.

The shorts will be available on the new streaming service Disney+ from Spring 2020. If you can't wait that long, Disney will offer an early look at the films during their presentation at Annecy Festival on June 14.

The shorts are just part of the WDAS presentation at the festival, where Becky Bresee and Marlon West will present first-look footage from this year's Frozen 2.