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Out This Week: 'Megalo Box', 'Cinderella' Signature Edition and More

The summer is traditionally a slow time for new home entertainment releases. What do they expect us to do, go outside? This week the UK gets just two new releases, anime fantasy Grimoire Of Zero and Welcome to The Ballroom, plus a pair of Studio Ghibli films re-released as steelbook Blu-Rays (only available from online retailer Zavvi).

Over in the US things are considerably more lively with a decent selection of anime old and new, including cult hit Megalo Box and Gainax's classic Royal Space Force (aka Wings Of HonnĂȘamise)

Click the links below to order via Amazon (affiliate links used where possible). All information provided is correct at the time of writing to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change.

Titles marked with * are re-releases.

UK DVD and Blu-Ray Releases For June 24, 2019

Arriety* [Zavvi Exclusive Steel Book] (StudioCanal, U) Studio Ghibli's adaptation of Mary Norton's The Borrowers.

Grimoire Of Zero [standard edition] (MVM, 15) Anime fantasy series.

Welcome To The Ballroom- Part One (Anime Limited, 15) Strictly Come Dancing, anime style. Check out our review here.

Wind Rises, The* [Zavvi Exclusive Steelbook] (StudioCanal, PG) Hayao Miyazaki's "final" film- until the next one. Our review.

US DVD and Blu-Ray Releases For June 25, 2019

Cinderella* [Signature Edition] (Disney, G) Disney's  1950's Classic
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital, Steel-Book [Best Buy Exclusive], DVD

Cyborg 009- The Cyborg Soldier (Discotek Media, TV-14) Old school anime action.

He Is My Master (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14) Anime antics.

 Kanamemo: Complete Collection (Maiden Japan, TV-14) Slice of life anime.

Megalo Box- Season 1 (Viz Pictures, TV-14) Futuristic boxing anime.
FORMATS: Blu-ray, Blu-Ray Limited Edition, DVD

Overlord III (Funimation, TV-MA) Fantasy action.
FORMATS: Blu-ray+ Digital+ DVD, Limited Edition

Royal Space Force: The Wings of HonnĂȘamise (Maiden Japan, TV-14) Acclaimed anime feature from 1987.
FORMATS: Blu-ray,

Selector Infected Wixoss* [Essentials] (Funimation, TV-14) Anime about a mysterious game.
FORMATS: Blu-ray +Digital Combo

Selector Spread Wixoss: Season 2* [Essentials) (Funimation, TV-14) Anime sequel.
FORMATS: Blu-ray + Digital Combo

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz- Complete series (Discotek Media, ) Anime adaptation of the Frank Baum stories.
FORMATS:  SD Blu-ray

Yowamushi Pedal Complete Collection (Discotek Media) Sports anime about cycle racing.

Digital Highlights

Mamoru Hosoda's Oscar-nominated Mirai is available digitally in the UK, ahead of its disc release next week. Also released is Torrey Pines, Clyde Peterson's autobiographical stop-motion story of coming-of age as a gay teenager in California in the early 1990s, and 2019 Annecy selection Checkered Ninja.

This Week's Deals

Bag a bargain! Please note that these prices are correct at time of publication and subject to change at any time, and subject to availability. 

This week in the US you can pick up the recent Blu-Ray release of Satoshi Kon's seminal Perfect Blue for a new low on $20.67, and the pre-order of the charming Penguin Highway combo pack is down to $16.99. The 30th Anniversary edition of My Neighbour Totoro is down to under $35.

UK readers can get the awesome Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse for £10 on Blu-Ray, or £7 for DVD. The 2-movie set of Monsters Inc and Monsters University can be yours for a scarily low £12. The Lego Batman movie meanwhile is down to £5.00. Amazon UK's current promotion on Pixar DVDs and Blu-Rays is also still running.