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Web Animation Watch: 'Shaggy Ball Z', 'Light Me Up' and More

Welcome back to Web Animation Watch, our regular feature showcasing the best in online animation. We've been away for longer that intended but we're back to bring you another dose of fantastic animation!

As ever, if you've created (or even just found) something you think we should feature in an upcoming edition, drop us a line via email or via one of our social media channels.

Shaggy Ball Z

Those mischevious things at Mashed are the absolute masters of creating inspired pop-culture mash-ups. They combine the most unlikely properties from movies, TV, video games and more with high-quality animation and create something special. This recent effort combines two of the titans of TV animation: one from the west, one from the east. Scooby Doo meets Dragon Ball Z! Zoinks!

If Game Of Thrones Was An Anime

However you feel about the final season of Game Of Thrones, you have to agree that it was one of the defining cultural events of recent times. Naturally, this has meant it has inspired plenty of parodies, tributes and other fanworks, including a lot of animation. Best of the lot may just be this from the talented Malec, who turns her talents to showing us an alternate world where Game Of Thrones was made as a Japanese animation. The considerable overlap of Game of Thrones fans and anime lovers are sure to love this spot-on recreation!

The Best Of Cartoon Box

Dutch studio Frame Order have been putting out animated sketches under the Cartoon Box label for some years. They're in the tradition of much adult animation comedy- anarchic, irreverent and full of cartoonish violence, it's hardly the most sophisticated use of the medium, but so what? You can watch them in bumper-sized compilations in the Cartoon Box catch-ups like this.

Light Me Up

You should never count-out commercials, ads and promos as places to find interesting pieces of animation. Take this gorgeous piece of stop-motion produced by UoU Studio from Shanghai, China. Created to promote a brand of phone, it nonetheless shows off some really original designs, techniques and character work. We'd love to see narrative animation produced in this style!

Cabbage And Lettuce: Don't Mix Us Up

Do you know the difference between cabbage and lettuce? If not, then this catchy ditty from Aardboiled might be just what you need! It's very educational (probably).