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[AX 19] 'Carole and Tuesday', 'The Great Pretender' And More

This holiday weekend the annual Anime Expo is at the Los Angeles Convention Center. There's an awful lot of anime news coming out of the event, and we've rounded up some of the biggest stories for you.

One of the most eagerly anticipated anime series is Carole and Tuesday, from BONES and Cowboy Bebop creator Shinichiro Watanabe. The story of two musicians (the Carole and Tuesday of the titles) trying to make it on a future Mars, it began airing in Japan in April but has yet to air anywhere else. Fuji TV announced at their AX panel that the series will debut on Netflix worldwide on August 30. The series will be released in two parts, and will run for 24 episodes.

WIT Studio- the producers of Attack On Titan and Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress, unveiled a new series for 2020: The Great Pretender. The series is a "comedic drama" will follow a pair of world-famous con-men who target other swindlers. It sounds like an intriguing change of direction for the studio.

Somewhere at the other end of the newness scale, Right Stuf/Nozomi announced a slate of new licences of some older titles. 2007's Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, a slice-of-life comedy will receive a Blu-Ray release in 2020. 1999 sci-fi cop series AD Police (a spin-off from Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040) will also make its high-definition debut. The company has also licenced the 1995 OAV series El Hazard: The Magnificent World, its 1997 sequel and the 1998 TV sequel El Hazard: The Alternative WorldAIC's series followed a Japanese high-schooler, his teacher, his worst enemy and one of his female friends are magically transported to the world of El Hazard. There he discovers that he bears an uncanny resemblance to a missing princess, his teacher finds he has super-strength (but only when he's sober) and his enemy becomes the leader of an evil horde. The company will also release Blu-Ray editions of El Hazard: The Wanderers, (the alternative TV retelling of the video series) Boogiepop Phantom, Gundam Seed, and Gundam 0080: War In The Pocket.

El Hazard